Our Story

We are Francesco and Lorenzo, two Italian brothers.

We have always been shy, but the only way we have now to give our sincere welcome, is to sit down and write to you with an open heart…

You have probably heard it, at least once in your life: "You should eat more fruit and vegetables… It’s good for your health, it’s good for the environment”. In our big Italian family there are many children, and we perfectly understand how difficult is also to “convince” them to include more plants in a balanced diet. It has always been difficult for adults too...

That’s why we always wondered: is there a super-food that is healthy, simple (we never liked supplements or pills), that at the same time has a delicious taste?

We are two cheesemakers.

Born in Umbria, the “green heart of Italy”, and nature has always been part of us: as children we spent whole afternoons immersed in the countryside, kicking a deflated ball along the river.

After more than 10 years and many tests, research, technological development, difficult periods: we finally have our products.

You may be wondering... how did you make them? Simply, doing what we can do best: cheese! We have been making cheese for many years and every day we wake up with the same passion and the same belief (perhaps madness) to change the world with one plant-based alternative burrata, mozzarella or ricotta at a time.  

What we wanted to create was not a normal dairy-free alternative to cheese, like others. We use quinoa, oats, white cabbage, fennel seeds, flaxseed oil, to give life to “Mamma Ferretti”.
Having humble origins, we perfectly know how hard it is to give life to a dream, and make it work.
We have done our best for our customers, and we promise we always will.

Proud you are reading these lines,
Francesco and Lorenzo Ferretti