Frequently Asked Questions

How are Ferretti products made?

We are Italian plant cheesemakers with a secret called “Mamma Ferretti”, the cultured drink that looks so much like milk. We are dairy-free: we use quinoa, oats, white cabbage, fennel seeds, flaxseed oil and other plants, to make our products balanced and free from allergens.

What is Mamma Ferretti made of?

Mamma Ferretti is a fermented dairy-free delicious beverage, made of quinoa, oats, white cabbage, fennel seeds, flaxseed oil.

How can Ferretti products taste like the real cheese, what is your technology?

Ferretti products are the outcome of hard work to combine Italian cheesemaking tradition, with the ultimate fermentation techniques, made available by scientific progress and research. Specific flavors are obtained via fermentation or extraction of plants sources.

Do Ferretti products contain coconut oil, or palm oil?

No, all Ferretti products are free from coconut and palm oil (oils infamous for their content in saturated fats).

Do Ferretti products contain nuts or tree nuts in general?

Ferretti products are free from every type of nuts and tree nuts (included coconut), we are completely allergen-free.

How many proteins do Ferretti products contain?

All Ferretti ingredients and specific nutritional content are on the products label. Our products contain high quality plant proteins (oats, quinoa, fennel seeds, white cabbage, pea, potato).

Are Ferretti products allergen-free?

Yes, Ferretti products are allergen-free.

Can I eat Ferretti products if I am allergic/intolerant to dairy/gluten/nuts/soy?

Yes, Ferretti products are allergens free.

Do Ferretti products contain casein/ eggs/ gluten/ lactose/ honey/ milk/ nuts/ sesame/ whey/ soy?

Ferretti products are free from casein, eggs, gluten, lactose, honey, milk, nuts, sesame, whey, soy.

Do Ferretti products contain any animal by-products/products (including aromas, gelatines, honey, jelly, etc.)?

None of our ingredients contains animal by-products (or products).

Are Ferretti products vegan/vegetarian?

Yes, Ferretti ingredients are free from animals.

Are Ferretti products gluten-free?

Yes, Ferretti ingredients are gluten-free. Ferretti products are allergen-free.

Do Ferretti products contain cholesterol?

No, Ferretti products are cholesterol-free.

Are Ferretti products organic?

No, our philosophy is to only use the highest quality ingredients possible, giving thus preference to sheer quality over a certification. Sometimes the two things do not overlap.

Are Ferretti products GMO free?

Yes, Ferretti ingredients are GMO free.

Do Ferretti products contain trans fats?

Ferretti products do not contain trans fatty acids.

Do Ferretti products contain … (something not written here on the website)?

All Ferretti ingredients and specific nutritional content are on the products label.

Once opened, how long will Ferretti products stay fresh?

We don’t recommend consuming our products after 2-3 days, once the package is opened. Always keep products in the refrigerator, tightly sealed with a film.

Where can I check the expiration date on Ferretti products?

The expiration date is on the package.

Can I freeze Ferretti products?

Our products can be frozen (within expiry date), but we do not recommend it since the original texture may be affected.

Can I keep Ferretti products out of refrigerator?

All our products must be stored in the refrigerator.

Is your packaging compostable/biodegradable?

Our packaging is not currently compostable, because the market does not provide yet bio-packaging with the specs we need in order to keep food fresh and safe. Safety and freshness are our priorities, and we are always looking out at every environment-friendly available option might pop out in the future.

I can’t find Ferretti products near me, what can I do?

If your favourite stores nearby don’t sell our products, you can contact us and send an email with your and your favourite stores’ data. We will then make our best to cover a new area or a new channel.

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